Poison Evy

Traditional tattoo | Ceremonial tattoo | Medical tattoo

My name is Eve and I’m a Dutch tattooer based in Ibiza, specializing in traditional, ceremonial and medical tattoos. I’ll be guesting the Netherlands on a regular basis.

My upcoming guest spots

Rotterdam, the Netherlands - April 2024

Rotterdam, the Netherlands - August 2024

Traditional tattoo

I’m a traditionally trained all round tattooer, which means my focus is creating a tattoo that fits the body and will last a lifetime. 

Ceremonial tattoo

Every tattoo is sacred. In my ceremonial tattoo session, I will work with multiple forces (think of the moon, the elements and spirits) and I’ll use my knowledge of channeling, cultural symbolism and the spiritual background in tattooing.

Medical tattoo

These tattoos are suitable for reconstructing or enhancing the areola after recovering from breast surgery. It is also suitable for people who suffer from pigment spots or scar tissue. 

My story

From mental healthcare to tattooing

My full name is Evelien Hordijk aka Eve born and raised in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. My educational background is mainly in healthcare, for which I completed various secondary vocational courses and almost finished my Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). While studying, I started working in mental healthcare, and then transitioned to working full-time in that field. It was always a profession I loved doing until the cutbacks became more severe and limited the quality of care I was able to provide. This situation gave me the space to reconsider what else I loved doing, which is how in 2014 I decided to learn the craft of tattooing through a traditional apprenticeship. 

Tattooing is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. In my opinion there are many similarities between healthcare and tattooing. The care and time I put into a tattoo and the 1:1 sessions with a person are full of the same love and attention I provided in my mental healthcare days.

Over the years I've done several conventions and worked in different shops while traveling, which has always challenged me to keep improving my skills. I strive to give the best of myself and keep seeking inspiration in my surroundings.

Love by Eve


Important information about your booking:

• Price indication: I will give you a quote based on the details you have provided. I charge per hour for large work, smaller tattoos are quoted by the piece.
• All bookings require a deposit of € 50,- (unless otherwise requested), either via bank transfer, paypal or cash. All deposits are non-refundable and require at least 48 hours notice for any cancellations or the deposit will be forfeited. 
• A spot is not claimed until the deposit has been made. 
• Deposits have a duration of 6 months.
• Moving your appointment more than once can also result in forfeiting your deposit.

Please note that I work at a small studio, which means that friends/relatives may not be able to sit with you while you get tattooed. Thank you for your understanding.