Ceremonial tattoo

"Exclusive limited tattoo"

Do you dare to let go of the aesthetic world and go with the flow?

Spirituality and tattoos are close to each other, especially if we look at the cultural tattoo history. This is why I put all my love and knowledge into this exclusive 'INNER GROWTH' experience, limited edition, charged by the moon and elements.

Does this resonate with you and are you interested in a ceremonial tattoo or join forces in a collaboration... let's talk!

Love and light, Evy


For the altar you can bring an item that is valuable to you, for example a photo, jewelry, a stone or flowers.

Tattoo setup

The design is ready for you, you receive exactly what belongs to you as a tattoo and as an artwork on paper. Note: there will not be worked on request.

Intention setting

Connecting with your intention and placement of the tattoo. During this 1:1 moment I will guide you with love and attention for your inner process, to honor and symbolize this. Thank you for giving me this confidence to shape this.